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About Us

The company's history began with the acquisition, procurement and servicing of machines, equipment and technical services in all areas of the economy. Since the foundation in 1997, however, we have constantly developed. This also includes the expansion of our portfolio.

We invest worldwide in diverse areas. In doing so, we are not restricted to a special industry, but aim to diversify as much as possible.

However, we always pursue a strict value investing policy. We make only a few purchases.
We want to understand what we own and are happy to actively participate in the business.

Our Values

The values of our company reflect the personal values of our managing directors and shareholders.
It is particularly important for us to act according to the following values:

  •  Discipline and consistency
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Respect for employees, the company and the environment
  • Integrity
  • Long term thinking
  • Honesty

We also expect these values from the management of the companies in which we invest.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is characterized by the principles of value investing:

  • Solid, stable business
  • Internal compounding through organic or acquired growth
  • Management with strong business sense and owner mentality

1. Never Lose Money
We only invest if

  • the solidity and predictability of the business
  • the integrity and owner mentality of the management
  • the rating

eliminate the risk of permanent loss of our commitment.

2. Core Competence and "Circle of Competence"
In the 25 years of our activity we have developed a deep understanding of some industries - our core competence.

3. "Managers make the Difference"
In the end, the manager of a business makes a huge difference.

4. Understanding What We Own
We want to understand the companies in which we are involved.

5. Patience
We hold our investments as long as necessary, we have no pressure to sell after x years.
We sell if

  • valuations are very ambitious and offer a benefit for all parties involved.
  • we lose confidence in the management or disagree on important strategic decisions.

Since we are a family of entrepreneurs ourselves, we have respect for entrepreneurs, their companies and their employees.

Your Contact Person
Carina Wildgruber