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BBS Automation develops and manufactures innovative and flexible automation technology for international customers from a wide variety of industries. We specialize in challenging tasks in the field of assembly and testing technology. BBS strives to provide technical solutions that are not only financially feasible and solid, but also improve safety, reliability and profitability. BBS Automation is a young, modern, dynamic, global and innovative company that can look back on tradition, reputation and decades of experience. Around 1,000 employees currently work at ten locations worldwide (Germany, Italy, Poland, China, Malaysia, USA).


Biota Inc. is an independent, privately owned hatchery for various species that has been operating at the Airai Hatchery in Palau since October 2012. Biota prides itself on being one of the few sustainable exporters in the Pacific who actively seek to make a difference by breeding saltwater fish and invertebrates for ornamental and nutritional purposes.
Biota also operates hatchery facilities in Hawaii (within Hawaii Pacific University) and a wholesale facility / coral farm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Fundamental to everything Biota Inc does in the commercial arena is a desire to make the world a better place through research, conservation, education and community awareness.
Biota uses sustainable practices to achieve economic success and believes that profits can be made in ways that have positive environmental and measurable social impacts. Currently, Biota is focused on growing and selling various types of ornaments.
In parallel, Biota has successfully cultivated the bumphead parrotfish, which Biota sees as an amazing opportunity to create fully sustainable food fish production combined with large-scale reef replenishment and social impact measures.


Gerotor develops, produces and sells intelligent energy management systems to increase the energy efficiency of industrial applications. The technology is based on an innovative flywheel storage technology with intelligent control (AI) and, with its unique orientation, is a world first in the industrial sector (e.g. mechanical engineering, crane systems, elevator systems). Gerotor's customers benefit from significant economic benefits (cost savings, increased efficiency) and ecological benefits (consumption savings, no environmentally harmful materials).
In addition to strong financial partners, Gerotor also cooperates with leading research institutions such as the renowned Fraunhofer Institute and various universities. The company was named one of the 10 best energy startups in the country by the Bavarian government in 2018.